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How to Vote

This page contains details on how to vote in an election for union officers.

For details on the ongoing strike vote in the BC Public Service, click here

The BCGEU is using the Scytl online voting system to bring your union election ballot to you. Your union Provincial Executive chose Scytl because of its security-first approach to developing voting software.

Before you cast your electronic vote, you'll need to:

Retrieve the email from "[email protected]" that we sent you with the subject line/title "BCGEU Credential Delivery" containing your member ID and instructions on how to retrieve your PIN and cast your vote. This email is called the credentials email.

The email from "bcgeu.elect[email protected]" contains the following key pieces of information:

Item 1The local election you're voting in.

Item 2Date and time election closes. No votes may be cast after this date and time.

Item 3Your member ID. You will need this to retrieve your PIN and access your ballot.

Item 4The One Time Link will take you to the page to retrieve your PIN. You can only access this link once.  Make sure you record all the information it provides you for future reference by writing it down or taking a screenshot.

Item 5The link to the page where you can access your ballot.

Item 6Use the contact listed at the bottom of the email if you have any questions.

How to cast your vote:

The link in the email mentioned above can only be accessed one time

Make sure you are ready to vote before you click on the first link in the email (to retrieve your PIN) as you can only access this link once.

  1. In the email mentioned above...
    • Copy down your Member ID
    • Click on the first link in the same email.
    step 1 screenshot
  2. Enter your Member ID (including dashes) and click "Obtain Credentials". Your PIN will be shown to you, please copy your PIN now.

    Step 2 screenshot
  3. Click "Exit". Return to the email and click the second link to go to the ballot login page.
    step 3 screenshot
  4. Enter your Member ID and PIN, and click "Login" to view the ballot.
    Step 3 screenshot
  5. Follow the instructions to vote. Once you're at the end of the ballot, review your selections and click "Confirm" to cast your vote. Please make a note of the confirmation number on the next page.


Didn't receive an email with voting login information? Unable to log in? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.


If you have any other questions, please contact your Area Office, or the email address listed at the bottom of the credential email.



Thank you for casting your vote.  Your voice makes our union strong.