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Important Information regarding Integrated Health for Northern Health Authority members

1.       The employer served the union with notice this past summer of their intent to restructure the leadership within Northern Health and begin the transition to Integrated Health. Since that time, the union has continuously met with the employer regarding this transition. Although the employer has the right to make these changes, your union has challenged the implementation process at each step to ensure your rights as a member of the BCGEU are upheld throughout this transition. 

2.       Recently, the employer’s restructure of the leadership has been completed and the next phase of the implementation to Integrated Care will be on the front-lines. Currently, there is no specific confirmed worksites that will be integrated first. These implementation decisions have not been made as of yet by the employer. As locations are confirmed, the employer will provide the information to the union. Therefore, any rumors at the worksite regarding implementation dates or effects within a particular location are not confirmed information. Should you hear any rumors regarding this, please contact your local elected representatives of the BCGEU or your area office of the BCGEU.

3.       Currently, the employer is in the process of creating job descriptions for newly created Integrated Care positions. The employer does not run these descriptions before the union, nor has the union approved any job descriptions created by the employer. Your collective agreement contains language regarding classification review. We encourage members to become familiar with this language in their respective collective agreements. 

4.       When the transition to Integrated Care is implemented at your worksite, members may receive displacement notice. It is important that you are familiar with this language in your collective agreement whether you are covered by the Community , HSP or Facilities agreement. For more information on your component/local, please visit, connect with your shop steward or contact your area office. During displacement, you are entitled to union representation. 

5.       The employer has informed the union that the transition to Integrated Care provides more work than employees, therefore they do not foresee any actual job loss. As well, during the displacement process, the employer has informed the union that new and redesigned job postings will not require formal interviews, but rather a discussion to determine qualifications. The employer has also notified the union that during the transition, they will make every effort and it is their intention to continue with members' approved vacation time. 

6.       During this period, your union has successfully challenged any violation of your rights under your collective agreement. In particular:

a)      Your union immediately filed grievances citing violations of your rights when the employer sent out memos changing the vacation selection process for 2016. Your union was successful in having this notice rescinded. And;

b)      Your union, during the leadership structure process, successfully challenged the displacement letters received by union members. These letters were rescinded, corrected to include all members' rights and re-issued. When violations occur, the union will continue to challenge the issues and seek resolution.

7.       Your union will continue to represent you throughout this process and challenge violations of rights as they arise.  During what may be a difficult transition time, members are encouraged to utilize the Employee Assistance Programs available under your collective agreement, connect with your elected union representatives and your area office.

8.       Members covered under the Community Health Agreement, or Component 8, may be eligible for the Community Retraining Fund. For more details, see

9. The union has been successful in ensuring wage protection, where applicable during the displacement process. 

Please use the link at the top of this email to ensure your contact information is up to date, so you will continue to receive important updates.

In Solidarity

Sherry Ogasawara                         Christine Fuller
Component 4 Vice President           Local 0412 Chairperson
Local 0411 Chairperson

Carla Dempsey                              Kathie Browne
Component 8 Vice President           Local 0810 Chairperson

Brenda Landry                              Susanne Bellefontaine
Local 0811 Chairperson                 Local 0812 Chairperson

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