Improving services and supports for children and youth with neuro-diverse special needs - BCGEU

The Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth has invited British Columbians to participate in their special project on assessment and eligibility processes for children and youth with neuro-diverse special needs (e.g.: ASD, FASD, Developmental Delay). Last week your union provided a submission to the committee which included recommendations for improving the province's ability to provide high-quality, accessible and accountable services and supports to children and their families with these needs.

Some of the issues these recommendations address include:

  • Long waitlists in communities
  • Ensuring appropriate social services are available and funded
  • Extremely high case loads
  • Persistent staff shortages related to recruitment and retention issues
  • A reactive and crisis-based response model
  • Poor organizational capacity for considering and integrating crucial staff input on service delivery decisions and policy

We also recommended the government invest in assessment services for neuro-diverse special needs, consider introducing wait-time benchmarks, hire additional social workers and case coordinators, increase staff and funding for both contracted programs and the ministry.

You'll find our submission here: https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/bcgeu/pages/9861/attachments/original/1560191046/Letter_to_Select_Standing_Committee_CYSN__NDN_Jun_7_2019_Final.pdf?1560191046

The Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth has been holding public consultations since mid-April and will release its report in early fall 2019.

Many Component 3 members work with children and youth with neuro-diverse special needs, and we depend on frontline workers to share the challenges they face in the work they do. To those who provided input we thank you, the information we receive from members is invaluable when the BCGEU makes submissions to government.

As always, thank you for the work you do.


In solidarity,

Andrea Duncan
Component 3 Vice-President