Improving Your Working Conditions at Grand Villa Casino - BCGEU

Recently, some workers from the Food & Beverage Back of House met with the Employer to discuss your concerns. There has been a great deal of change in the kitchen and workers have been negatively impacted. 

Here are a few highlights of the discussion.

Master Schedule

The Employer agreed that an accurate master schedule will be posted upstairs. As per Article 15.4(a) of the new agreement, work schedules will be posted at least 14 days in advance of the starting day of the new schedule.

Dayforce is not to be used for scheduling purposes. Dayforce is there as a record of days/times worked after the fact. 

Notice of Schedule Changes

If a change is made to a worker schedule after the schedule is posted, the worker will be notified of the change directly. That means that after the schedule is posted with 14 days' notice, workers do not need to monitor the schedule or Dayforce for changes. You will be informed directly if your schedule is changed.

Breaks – Rest Periods

Article 14.3 of the Collective Agreement states that for all workers other than dealers, rest periods shall be scheduled after the first hour of a shift. Also, the Employer will make every effort to allow rest period breaks to be taken every two or three hours. This means that your breaks need to be scheduled just like your start and end times. Most days your breaks should be divided to allow you to have a break every at least every three hours. If you are working an eight hour shift, you should get either two scheduled 30 minute breaks during your shift or a one hour break in the middle of your shift. Your break should not be interrupted. If it is, you have the right to have another full break at a later time that day. When breaks are scheduled, workers will be expected to take their breaks at the scheduled time. 
We understand that sometimes operational needs and unexpected circumstances mean this will not be met. However, if there is a pattern of not giving you your breaks according to the Collective Agreement then please talk to a steward about filing a grievance. 

Additional Shift Pick

In order to improve scheduling concerns, the Union has agreed that a shift pick for Food & Beverage will be required prior to June. The seniority list will be posted as the first step in this process.

Shoe Allowance

The Union is working to clarify if the shoe allowance in Article 24.2 is intended for Food & Beverage workers. Please keep your receipts for the purchase of any footwear required by your Employer.

In solidarity,

Craig Proctor, Bargaining Chair
Fateh Born, Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.