IMSS Members in Prince George – Local 311 - Seniority List - BCGEU

Recently, your union raised issue with a seniority list produced and hung at the worksite that organized members by their accumulated hours.

Under your new collective agreement, regular part-time and regular full-time employees accumulate seniority by original hire date. This is utilized for rights and provisions under the collective agreement such as vacation entitlement and selection, vacancy appointments etc. Casual employees accrue seniority strictly by hours worked. 

The original listed posted in the worksite listing accumulated hours, is not seniority for regular full-time and regular part-time workers. In those instances, accumulated hours are only in relation to the wage grid moving forward.

As of today, the Union has been made aware, that the Employer has hung a revised seniority list in the worksite that lists the following:

  1. Seniority for regular full-time and regular part-time by hire date; and
  2. Seniority for casuals by hours worked. 

As per your collective agreement, Article 12.2 in parts reads:

"…This seniority list, except rate of pay, will be posted by the Employer at all worksites for 30 days. Any objection to the accuracy of the information contained therein must be submitted in writing to the Employer during the said posting period. Thereafter, the posted list will be deemed to be valid and correct for all purposes for the duration of that posting period….".

Your Union encourages you to check the accuracy of the information contained within the newly revised seniority list, and report, in writing, any discrepancies to the Employer immediately. Should you have questions or need assistance, please speak with your Shop Stewards on the worksite. 

In solidarity

Christine Peters


Download PDF of notice here