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Interim Election Results for Local 802 Executive - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

We are pleased to announce the following results of the interim election:


Chairperson                                                                      Charmaine Fines

1st Vice Chairperson                                                         Joe Sippel

2nd Vice Chairperson                                                        Michelle Whyte

Recording Secretary                                                         Carolyn Fiddick

Member at Large (Equity and Diversity)                         Marietta Bippes

Member at Large (Young Worker)                                   Megan Lawrence

Member at Large                                                               Ryan Rauh

Member at Large                                                               Chris Sereda

Member at Large                                                                    Vacant

If you are interested in getting more involved in the union, whether as a steward or in the above vacancy, please contact the local area office at 250-824-0825 or [email protected].


In solidarity

Sean Antrim
Staff Representative