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International Solidarity Committee


  • Kari Michaels, EVP & Chair
  • Andrea Duncan, Co-chair
  • Mehdi Salem (105)
  • Richard Ziemianski (401)  
  • Thomas Mikalishen (505)
  • Desiree Cabecinha (601)
  • Coralie Gregoire (703)                             
  • Mark Taylor (1007)
  • Masoud Aminzavvar (803)
  • Stuart Abels (2012)
  • Maria Middlemiss (C12 VP)
  • Carol Wood, UWU Intersol cmtee rep
  • Kevin Lee, BCFMWU cmtee rep
  • Howard Lin, CEU cmtee rep
  • Melissa Roth, Secretary
  • Melissa Gill, Assistant Secretary

View a PDF presentation on the BCGEU's International Solidarity Committee


Terms of reference

  • make recommendations to the provincial executive regarding:
    • union policies in support of international solidarity including migrant workers, asylum seekers, undocumented people and refugees where applicable;
    • funding of solidarity and development projects through the Diane L. Wood International Solidarity Fund;
    • donations in response to emerging humanitarian crises (through the General Fund);
    • relevant resolutions to BCGEU, BC Fed, NUPGE and CLC conventions.
  • the committee will liaise with other provincial executive committees, bargaining committees, cross component committees, component and local executives to promote the work of the committee and its partners;
  • the committee will promote international solidarity amongst members, the labour movement and the community.