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Island Crisis Care Society JOSH COMMITTEE

Being aware of health and safety issues at a worksite is an important tool in ensuring a safe work environment for ALL employees. 

Being part of your local Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee (JOSH), you will be trained as a Committee Member to ensure safe working conditions. 

This training will assist you in identifying hazards at your workplace. During this course you will learn;

  • How to identify hazards and make recommendations to correct them,
  • How to perform a safety inspection,
  • How to investigate safety incidents,
  • How to be an effective employee representative on the Committee…

If you are interested in becoming a part of the JOSH Committee at ICCS, please contact a steward to have your name forwarded to your Local Chairperson (Cherie Dobbie) for appointment to the committee.

Alternatively, you could contact Cherie through the following email address;
[email protected] & copy to [email protected]

In solidarity
Mike Scott
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.