Joint Labour Management News - Hard Rock Casino - BCGEU

Safety and Security Concerns 

There was a lengthy discussion of security concerns related to theft at the casino. The Joint Safety Committee is reviewing the Violence Prevention policy. If you are present during a theft or any other type of critical incident you have the right to support. Sometimes we need support right away and at other times the effect is delayed. If you need to go home to take care of yourself – tell them! You can see a professional therapist by contacting EFAP: Employee & Family Assistance Program. The Employer will never be informed that you have accessed these services. It is totally confidential. 

The Employer has a responsibility to eliminate safety hazards or take every reasonable effort to minimize them. Chip guards will be installed to minimize theft. 


We understand that the change from the SIR/PIR system to the new system of progressive discipline may be confusing and raise many questions. The most important thing to understand is that nothing is automatic under progressive discipline. That means that each case will be looked at individually and all the facts considered. 

The Union expressed concerns about the discipline form because it might give some members the idea that it is a 4-strikes system. The Employer has agreed that discipline is NOT a 4 strikes system. Again, each case of discipline will be determined on the facts and on the level of seriousness. You have the right to file a grievance if you believe the discipline is too harsh or should not have been issued. 

The Union expressed concern about discipline related to cash variances. The Employer has confirmed that these are considered non-culpable (happens for a reason beyond your control). That means that they will be dealt with differently from culpable (lateness, breach of policy etc). The Employer has indicated that depending on the facts, they will not automatically escalate the level of discipline for cash variances. It is possible to get more than one verbal warning – with no escalation – for multiple cash variances. Again – it will be dependent on the facts. 

The Union expressed concern about being consistent with formal coaching. Sometimes when someone is disciplined, the Employer will argue that they were coached previously. The Manager does have the right to make a record of formal coaching, however, if they do – the worker should be made aware. Workers have the right to know what is in their personnel record. 

Placement on Wage Scale for Internal Promotion

The Union and the Employer have come to an agreement that only new employees will receive the probationary wage. If a worker is promoted to a new classification, they will be paid according to the Collective Agreement but never lower than Step 1. 

In solidarity

Katherine Wiebe
Chair, Joint Labour Management Committee

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