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Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School labour management meeting – Call for agenda items - BCGEU

In response to the many concerns brought up during the January membership meetings, and in accordance with Article 9 of the collective agreement, your union is pleased to announce that the first meeting of the Labour Management committee for 2020 has been scheduled on:

April 9 at 10:00am

In order to adhere to social distancing requirements, this meeting will be by video conference.

The purpose of a Labour Management meeting is to promote a co-operative resolution of workplace issues or concerns before they become larger issues or concerns. The committee has the power to make recommendations to the Union and the School about general conditions and concerns within the school. As well as reviewing job functions, teaching assignments and changes in school operations. However, it is not the place for the discussion of grievances or wages or other matters of collective bargaining.

As your previously elected bargaining representatives, your bargaining committee members have agreed to represent you on this committee. However, all members are encouraged to submit suggested items to add to the meeting agenda.

If you have a workplace concern to be discussed at the Labour Management meeting, please e-mail your concern to Attn: Larisa Struk byTuesday, April 7th.


In Solidarity,

Larisa Struk
Staff Representative

Download FYI - KGS Labour Management meeting Call for Agenda Items - April 2020.pdf