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Labour Management Committee Update - Layoffs - Kenneth Gordon School - BCGEU

Since April of this year, your union representatives on the labour management committee have been meeting with the employer to discuss issues and concerns of our members at Kenneth Gordon School. Ongoing topics of discussion at these meetings have included student recruitment and how to avoid layoffs going into the 2020/2021 school year. 

The committee met again on June 19 and, much to the disappointment of your committee members, we were informed that based on current registration levels the school will be proceeding with the layoff process under Article 21 of your collective agreement. The school anticipates 2-4 layoffs from within the tutoring department. 

We understand that this will likely be very upsetting news to our members, especially given the extraordinary measures that you all took to avoid layoffs back in January, and it is frustrating that we find ourselves in this position once again.

What happens next?
In accordance with your collective agreement, the employer has issued a pre-layoff canvass to the tutors inviting any interested members within the tutoring department to take a voluntary option. Members are under no obligation to take a voluntary option, but if you wish to do so, you will have 10 days to respond. If you have any questions about the options available to you or about the pre-layoff canvass, we encourage you to speak directly to the school administration.

Following the 10-day canvass period, your union representatives will again meet with your employer to determine what the next steps will be. Should layoffs still be necessary, the union will review the seniority lists and ensure that the proper process is followed.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out to a shop steward or labour management committee member.

In Solidarity,

Anne-Marie Roberts, Labour Management Committee member 
Linda Smythe, Labour Management Committee member
Tyler Gilowski, Labour Management Committee member
Larisa Struk, Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.