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Labour Management Meeting and Tip Committee News - Grand Villa - BCGEU

The Labour Management Committee meeting was held on April 10, 2019. It was attended by Alex Lee-Young, Larissa Karpa and Kevin Johnson along with Staff Representative Fateh Born.

If you have a problem in your department that you think could be resolved at this meeting – talk to one of your worker Reps about it. If you believe the Employer has violated the Collective Agreement, contact a steward to have a Step 1 grievance meeting instead.

Here are some of the highlights from the meeting:

Report from the Joint Occupational Health and Safety
– The kitchen elevator is being repaired now. The reason this takes longer than expected is that parts have to be built. If Dealers need their table heights adjusted, they are to inform their Shift Manager and they will have Facilities do the adjustment.

Report from the F&B Tip Working Groupfive members from F&B were given the mandate to create a new Tip Policy for F&B. This policy was posted in the F&B office and breakroom and is now in effect. Like any workplace policy, members should be aware that following the policy is not optional. Members of the F&B Working Group will continue to be involved with the implementation of the policy and we thank them for their hard work. 

Article 12.2 Vacancies– The Collective Agreement requires that vacancies that are three months in length must be posted. The Employer does not dispute this and will post all vacancies longer than three months. 

Article 15.10 Shift Pick Preparation - The Table Games Seniority list is up in preparation for their shift pick in May. The Employer is having problems with coverage for Guest Services Supervisor shifts. They asked the Union if we would agree to the use of the MOU 1 'Scheduling of Shift Committee' language to create new scheduling language for GS Supervisors. The Union has responded that we do not agree that this is the correct use of MOU 1. 

Article 24.1 Uniforms - The Union has requested short sleeve uniform shirts for hot weather. The Employer will respond at the next meeting. The Union also indicated that the Employer needs to develop a policy/procedure for handling reimbursement for uniform cleaning costs. 

Kitchen IssuesThe Employer presented a proposal for the consideration of a premium for Wok cooks only. The Union has agreed to meet to discuss this in detail. The Employer has created a skills/qualifications tracking document for cooks. The Union asked for this to be posted alongside the seniority list so that workers can challenge it if needed. 

In solidarity

Fateh Born, Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.