LDB members call for increased consultation in review of distribution system - BCGEU

Following the B.C. government's announcement of a review of liquor distribution in the province, BCGEU members employed at the B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) retail stores and warehouse locations are emphasizing the importance of worker perspectives in any review. The review stems from recommendations included in Mark Hicken's report on British Columbia's liquor industry earlier in the year.

Reviewing the distribution system and evaluating current operations is an important step in keeping operations up-to-date and ensuring that customers are served effectively.

Crucial to any review is the involvement of front-line workers throughout the LDB system. With their working knowledge of the day-to-day operations along the chain of distribution, it's essential that BCGEU members play a central role in the consultation process.

The recent transition to a new warehouse in Delta and a series of updates in other aspects of the LDB have changed the way that the branch does business, and employees appreciate the importance of modernizing operations.

As the review process unfolds, BCGEU Component 5 – Retail Stores and Warehouse – will advocate for the involvement and consultation of members in the process, monitor the review, and update the broader membership on any developments.