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Leafletting for essential pay - BCGEU

The following is an update from the BCGEU Component 5 Campaigns Committee, an appointed group of BCGEU members working at BCLDB warehouses and retail stores around the province. 

After two energizing rallies on April 14 outside Minister Robinson's offices in Coquitlam and Victoria (captured in this video), plus a meeting with her senior ministerial assistant on April 9, we still have not received concrete assurance that Minister Robinson will authorize the use of pandemic-related BCLDB revenue to provide essential pay for our members' government-deemed essential work.

So, we are taking another big action to continue amplifying our call: Leafletting outside select stores.

Each Saturday in May 2021, groups of our fellow BCLDB workers, while off duty, will be respectfully and peacefully distributing information leaflets on public property outside select BCLDB retail stores across the province.

The goal? Invite our fellow BCLDB workers, customers and the public to join us in our call for essential pay

Here's how you can support:

  1. Respond to this email to get involved in a leafletting session near you.
  2. Keep your ears open for a call from a fellow BCLDB worker to notify you that a leafletting session will take place near your store.
  3. Visit your fellow BCLDB workers at a leafletting session near you! If you do, please do the following:
    1. make sure to visit on your break or while off duty,
    2. cover up your uniform or don't wear it all,
    3. take a photo of yourself and your fellow workers (socially distanced, wearing masks and buttons but not your work uniforms) and either:
      1. Post to your social media channels with the hashtag #essentialBCLDB, so our union and followers can see and share; or
      2. Submit to [email protected] to have our union share on BCGEU social media channels

In addition, continue with the actions you've been taking since we started our fight in March 2020:

  • asking your community to email Minister Robinson,
  • talking to our fellow workers about our fight, wearing your button, and
  • posting your support for #essentialBCLDB on social media.

Also, check out and share the latest edition of the BCGEU's Provincial magazine – our campaign for essential pay is the cover story!
By continuing to bring our fight for essential pay to the public eye, we are building much needed pressure on Minister Robinson, the minister who oversees the BCLDB, to do the right thing. We must not let up!
If you have any questions, please respond to this email.
In solidarity,
Component 5 Campaigns Committee