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Lifelabs - Demand for incentive pay for unionized workers - BCGEU

As LifeLabs workers, you deliver vital services and supports to British Columbians as our province navigates an unprecedented crisis.

We have received many emails and phone calls from our members at LifeLabs asking about "danger pay" or "incentive pay" in addition to your regular pay. You are working on the front lines during this COVID-19 pandemic. You have seen other essential workers receive additional pay during this time and you deserve the same and to be recognized with premium pay.

This is a time of crisis and you are there delivering essential services, while facing extraordinary risks related to the pandemic.

We recently went to the LifeLabs Board of Directors with a reasonable request for incentive or premium pay during this time. Your union advocated on your behalf and pointed out the vital services that you provide and the additional pay that other essential services workers in the health care and service sectors have received. Your employer rejected the idea of such additional pay. They have shown that they do not have the proper respect for the work you do.

Your union will be following up with a formal letter to your employer on this matter. Your union will also be working with the LifeLabs COVID-19 Action Committee on strategies to address this matter and other areas of concern at your worksite.

In solidarity

Mahen Ramdharry
Vice President, Health Services Component
(Component 4)

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