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Lifelabs - Non-union employees at unionized worksites - BCGEU

The bulletin is for BCGEU members who work at Lifelabs.

We are writing regarding the employer's decision to employ non-union Lifelabs employees at unionized sites. To be clear, that decision was made exclusively by the employer; your union did not agree to that decision. We are in the process of gathering information on the impact this has across the province and will communicate further on this in the coming days.

We have a deep appreciation for the work our members do at Lifelabs, and we know many of you have expressed concerns with adequate PPE and the desire for additional pay that recognizes the value of the work you are doing during this pandemic. We continue to work on these matters and plan to communicate further as well.

In solidarity

Mahen Ramdharry
Vice President, Health Services Component
(Component 4)

Download PDF of notice here