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LifeLabs - Tentative agreement - BCGEU

We're pleased to be able to share the details of our tentative agreement with all of you.

We've put together two documents for you:

You can also calculate what your new wage rates in the calculator below.

We will be holding a series of information sessions by classification over the next few days.

Here is the meeting schedule:

o Friday, October 29 – Couriers, Client Information Specialists, Laboratory Technical Assistants, Equipment Specialists and Schedulers

o Saturday, October 30 – Mobile Lab Services LA, Mobile Lab Services Coordinators, PSC Reception Clerks and Laboratory Assistants

o Sunday, October 31 – Cardiac Technologists, Laboratory Technologists, Technical Resources, Genetic Technologists, Genetic Technicians

o Monday, November 1 – Sessions for those who could not make it to earlier meetings

Please join us at one or more of these meetings so we can go over the tentative agreement with you and answer any questions you have about how the changes will affect you at work.

The vote will be held electronically from 9 am on Monday, November 1 to 3 pm on Thursday, November 4. You will receive a ballot by email when voting opens. If you do not receive a ballot, email [email protected] before 3 pm on Wednesday, November 3.

We will announce the results of the vote on Thursday, November 4 after voting has concluded. If over 50% of you vote to accept the tentative agreement, then the agreement is ratified, and it will take effect immediately.

We are so proud of what we accomplished together and excited to be able to share the results of our strength and solidarity with you.

In solidarity,

01 Mandy DeFields, Bargaining Committee Chairperson [email protected] 
02Kristie Carano, Bargaining Committee Member [email protected]
Maryam Baghalha, Bargaining Committee Member [email protected]
Rosario Viray, Bargaining Committee Member [email protected]
05, 09 & 11Wendy Cummer, Bargaining Committee Member [email protected] 
Linsay Buss, Staff Representative - Negotiations [email protected]