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LifeLabs COVID-19 Action Team Update - BCGEU

Your LifeLabs COVID-19 Action Team met this week to follow up on earlier discussions and move towards finding solutions to the urgent issues you and your co-workers are facing during the pandemic.

The Action Team has struck three sub-committees to focus our efforts on specific areas of concern.

The new sub-committees are:

Occupational Health and Safety – there have been a number of ongoing health and safety concerns, both new and old, and the pandemic has amplified and added urgency to many of these issues. This sub-committee will be working on concrete ways to broadly address both mental and physical health and safety concerns that arise at your workplaces.

Premium Pay – your employer still refuses to recognize you as front line workers in this pandemic and offer you premium pay. This sub-committee will discuss ways to pressure your employer to pay you what you deserve for the added risks you face as a result of COVID-19.

Workload – some PSCs are understaffed while many LifeLabs workers are out of work or not getting enough hours. This sub-committee will take a look at how the company could alleviate the pressure at busy times of the day.

If you're interested in working on any of these issues with your co-workers sign up for the sub-committees here:

To join the larger COVID-19 Action Committee sign up here:

Thank you again for your commitment to the health and safety of all British Columbians now and always.

In solidarity,

Mahen Ramdharry
Vice President, Health Services Component
(Component 4)