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LifeLabs Privacy Breach Information - BCGEU

Dear LifeLabs members,
With the news of the recent privacy breach breaking in the media, we understand that many of you may be facing increased pressure at work. Whether that comes from being the the day-to-day face of the company or an increased workload due to addressing the breach, our union stands to make sure that your physical and mental health is protected on the job.
If you are facing increased pressure or hostility from patients or managers during this potentially stressful time, please contact your union steward or your nearest BCGEU area office. We want to know what pressures that you are facing on the job so that we can work to address them.
All LifeLabs staff should be treated with dignity and respect on the job.
In solidarity,
Mahen Ramdharry
BCGEU Vice President for Health Services - Component 4
Cina Opel
BCGEU Component 4 1st Vice Chairperson

Download PDF of notice here