Living Well Society CHW Scheduling issues - BCGEU

Community Health Workers at Living Well Society are scheduled according to seniority within their periods of availability (subject to client specific needs). According to Article 12.11 of the Collective Agreement, the Employer is required to make every reasonable effort to assign hours to the maximum weekly hours of the employees posted position, based on the employees' ability to meet specific client needs and within their geographic region.

The Union is working with the Employer to ensure members are aware of how to request an inquiry into their schedules if they have concerns about their hours and work assignments. The Hours Investigation Form attached provides a mechanism for members to request an investigation into how they were scheduled. This form will serve as Step 1 of the grievance process prior to filing a grievance at Step 2

If you have questions about how to complete the form or require assistance please speak to one of your shop stewards.


In Solidarity,

Nicki Pearson

Staff Representative

Download PDF of Notice Here
Download Hours Investigation Form Here