Local 0306 2nd Vice Chairperson Election Results

The results of the Local 306 election for 2nd Vice Chairperson is that Marianne Halberstadt was the successful candidate.  

The complete Local 0306 Executive is now as follows: 

Linda Rowley - Chairperson
Tammy Fisher –1st Vice Chairperson
Marianne Halberstadt – 2nd Vice Chairperson
Laura Klassen – Treasurer
Joan Busat – Secretary
Laurie Brown – Member-at-large  (1)
Marge Wehlen – Member-at-Large (2)
Deanne Guenette – Member-at-Large (3)
Susan Means – Equity Member-at-Large
VACANT – Young Worker

Members may appeal the election results to their Component Vice President within 10 days of the date the results are published.  Within 10 days of receiving the chair's decision members may appeal to the Provincial Executive.

Congratulations and thank you to all who participated in the election process.

Note:    The term for these positions close in 2018.

Download PDF of notice here