Local 0311 Nomination Results

Sisters and Brothers

The nomination process for your vacant positions on your Local Executive (Member-At-Large Young Worker) closed on February 19, 2016. We want to take this opportunity to advise you of the results. Congratulations to Sister Kyla Conlon-Fettes who was acclaimed to the position.

Your Local Executive is as follows:

Chair                                                 Chris Mikulasik           250-564-6408
1st Vice Chair                                    Linda Black                 250-960-2274
2nd Vice Chair                                   Troy Knox                   250-564-6408
Treasurer                                          Karloline Doye             250-564-6408
Recording Secretary                           Pat Westerlund            250-564-6408
Member-At-Large                               Ken Riemer                250-562-1394
                                                        Weston McGee            250-561-9376
                                                        Darcy Ravlic               250-564-6408
                                                        Rob Keddie                250-617-0696
                                                        Shawn Clarke             250-563-5322
Member-At-Large (Young Worker)  Kyla Conlon-Fettes     250-783-1005
Member-At-Large (Equity Member)       Danny Varma            250-561-7152

Contact numbers for the Prince George Area Office is (250) 563-1116 or Toll Free 1-800-667-8772.

Download PDF of notice here.