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Welcome to the Sunny Okanagan and home of OGOPOGO and BCGEU Members!

Component 12 Administrative Services is one of the most diversified components within our union. We are located in most of the Ministries, and virtually every office and other workplace now removed from the direct public service.

As a BCGEU member your voice and opinion are important. Become engaged and involved with our union and the community. Make sure your worksite has a BCGEU union board. Go online and visit your BCGEU website, Facebook and Twitter. Come out to a meeting. Contact any one of your Local Executive/Local Officers. Become a Shop Steward. Get answers to your questions, around jobsites, work-related questions, education, and training.

Some yearly events are Family Skate, Activist Appreciation Celebration, Family Christmas Party and Administrative Services Day. Get involved! We are looking forward to meeting you, Sister and Brother.

Become involved in your union

this can be as simple as attending a local meeting.

Do you have a question, suggestion or concern? We look forward to hearing from you!