Local 302 Union Observers

The union is seeking any stewards from Local 302 that would be interested in training as an Union Observer. The role on a selection panel is to observe whether all candidates are treated in a fair and impartial manner and to report the actions of the panel to the union.

This is an important job. When you sit on the panel you are representing the Union and you should be given the respect that position deserves. You are not advised of the candidate who requested the observer because the observer must be a "disinterested party". This means you cannot be involved in any way in the competition itself. Preferably, you should be from a work area outside of the area of competition.

Union observers must not at any time during the panel interview, or during subsequent discussions, express any opinions as to the conduct of the panel, the merit of the candidates, or the panel's selection. This is done only in the report to the union.

Union observers must maintain the strictest confidentiality and under no circumstances are the panel proceedings to be discussed with any applicant, panel member, or anyone else other than a union staff representative.

If you are interested in becoming an Union Observer, please email Cherie Dobbie, Local 302 Chairperson at cheriedobbie@telus.net or the Nanaimo Area Office at Area02@bcgeu.ca at your earliest convenience.

In solidarity

Ernie Gorrie
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.