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Local 803 general membership meeting minutes

1. Call to Order at 6:00 pm

Local Executive in attendance (in person): Regrets:
Roxanne Martel                                      Lilavati Levine
Masoud Aminzavvar                                Roxanne Hinz
Seyran Enveri                                        Emily Grant
Fateh Born – Staff Representative           Florentina Kelly
                                                           Carmelita Vardeh
2. Adoption of agenda – M/S/C

3. Adoption of minutes – M/S/C

4. Personal cell phone use unpaid inconsistent usage, employers has no motivation to fix the problem

5. How to report risks in clients home

  • Supervisors
  • Safety center
  • Need form developed by BCGEU

6. Seniority credits while on leave WCB continue to accrue on regular hours

7. Geographic area contact list for steward – too many calls to individual stewards

8. Scheduling, seniority and hours of work

  • Seniority based on hours of work

9. OHS appointments

  • Some worksites complete
  • Paperwork not up to date

10. Component 8 Healthcare campaign

11. Motion to adjourn meeting at 7:50pm – M/S/C

12. Next meeting – TBA

Download PDF of minutes here.