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Local 0111-12-10-06 Local Executive Results - BCGEU

Congratulations to Annaka Westwick (Member-At-Large Sheriffs) on your new positons.

Your Executive with the results are as follows:


Andrew Stevens

1st Vice Chair

Andrew Seale

2nd Vice Chair

Grant Stubley

Recording Secretary

Theo Bolstad

Member-At-Large (1 Position)

Nicholas Straughan

Member-At-Large (1 Position)

James Brown

Member-At-Large (1 Position)

Daljit Bains

Member-At-Large (1 Position)

Ray Campbell

Member-At-Large (Young Worker)

Kyle Limoges

Member-At-Large (SHERIFFS)

Annaka Westwick

Member-At-Large (PGYCC)

Michael Cue

If you have any questions please contact the Prince George Area Office at:

Diane L. Wood Union Centre
Prince George Area Office of the BCGEU
500 Quebec Street, Prince George BC V2L 0C6
Telephone: (250) 563-1116 or Toll Free: 1-800-667-8772
Facsimile: (250)-562-9012 or Toll Free: 1-800-946-0257



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