Local 0404 Election Results - BCGEU

Please be advised of the following results of the Local 404 Executive elections:

Chair                              Marilyn McLean
First vice chair               Patricia Dossett (acclaimed)
Second vice chair           Verity Howarth
Treasurer                        Bonita Miller
Recording secretary       Julian George
Members-at-large          Navdeep Mahanger
                                       Deborah Saunders
                                       Mandeep Dial
Young worker                Marina Bebek

Members may appeal the election results to their component vice president within 10 days after results are published. If the election under appeal is in the component vice president's local, the appeal should be made to the president who may designate an investigator. Within 10 days of receiving the vice president's decision, members may appeal to the provincial executive.

In solidarity

Kevin Hagglund
Staff Representative

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