Local 1006 - Members of Interior Roads Ltd. in Service Area 17 (Williams Lake and Surrounding Area) - BCGEU

Ratification Meeting and Vote

We have negotiated a revised tentative collective agreement with your Employer. This is for a new collective agreement that will take effect on the expiry of your existing collective agreement (July 1, 2019).

The ratification meetings and vote will occur next week as follows:

• May 9th      3:00 PM at Anaheim IRL yard (this will include members from Tatla Lake)

• May 10th    7:00 AM at the Bella Coola IRL yard
                    12:00 PM at the Alexis Creek IRL yard
                      3:00 PM at the Williams Lake IRL yard (this will include members from Horsefly and Likely)

Your Employer has agreed to allow company time for the meetings and vote as noted above, until the time of the normal end of your shift. This allows members to travel from the outlying areas (Tatla, Horsefly and Likely) to arrive for the start of the meetings. It also includes the time necessary for those in Alexis Creek to return to the yard for the 12:00 PM meeting on May 10th. For those on shift, use of the employer's vehicles to travel to the meetings is also permitted.

Auxiliary employees with recall rights are entitled and encouraged to vote, as well as all regular employees.

Immediately, at the conclusion of the meeting in Williams Lake, we will be opening the ballot box, conducting the count and announcing the results.

Details of the tentative agreement will be provided at the meetings noted above.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has mandated that we have a ratified collective agreement by May 11, 2018 for successorship to be included in the request for proposal (RFP) for Service Area 17.

In solidarity

Drew Miller, Bargaining Unit Chairperson
Daina Jameson, Bargaining Committee
Allen Metlewsky, Bargaining Committee
Rob Wotherspoon, Negotiator and BCGEU Regional Coordinator
Frank N. Anderson, Staff Assigned to Component 10 and BCGEU Regional Coordinator

Download Interior Roads SA 17 Rat Notice 050218.pdf