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Local 1009 Executive & Steward Results - BCGEU

Further to the recent elections for both Stewards and your Local 1009 Executive, the results are as follows:

Kim Marshall
Mark Tomasini
Don Thompson
Grand Forks
Dave Boughton
Garry Campbell
Walter Chernoff
Rodney Goodwin
Jim Kastrukoff

Yellowhead Road & Bridge
Crawford Bay
Cassia Welldon
Clifford Baril
Jon Staples
James Jones
Patrick Guy
Jeff Williams
Kevin Black
New Denver
Matthew Stooshnoff
Bill Swetlishoff
James Jones

If you have any questions about the Collective Agreement or need a Steward for any reason, please contact one of the above, or call the Area Office for contact information.


Local 1009 Executive

Chairperson: Walter Chernoff
1st Vice Chair: Dave Johnson
2nd Vice Chair: Garry Campbell
Treasurer: Vacant
Recording Secretary: Vacant
Member-at- Large x 4: Jim Kastrukoff, 3 x Vacant

The vacant positions will remain open until filled. If you are interested in a vacant position, please contact the Area Office for a nomination form, by phone: 250-365-9979 or by email: .


In accordance to the Provincial Executive Policy Reference Manual, Constitution & Structure, PE Policy D-8, Conducting Local Elections, members have the right to appeal.


32. Members may appeal the election results to their component vice president within 10 days after results are published. If the election under appeal is in the component vice president's local, the appeal should be made to the president who may designate an investigator. Within 10 days of receiving the chair's decision, members may appeal to the provincial executive.

33. Ballots and declaratory envelopes will be kept for 20 days after which time, provided no appeal is in process, the Local Executive may pass a motion to destroy the ballots.

We thank all the above activists for putting their names forward for another 3-year term.

In solidarity

Mike Fenton
Staff Representative

Download FYI 1009 StewardLocExecResults.pdf