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Local 104 Members - Opening of steward elections - BCGEU

The BCGEU Constitution & Bylaws calls for Stewards to be elected every three years following the union's triennial convention. Steward nominations are now considered open.

The attached package has historically gone to worksite stewards and mail contacts only, however, given the number of members that may be working from home due to COVID-19, home support workers who do not have an office to attend daily and other members who we may not have a specific worksite listed for, we are providing each of you with the information. 

Please read and post the attached package on your union bulletin board. The completed nomination forms are to be given to your worksite steward at the end of the nomination period, or if there isn't a steward, the forms should be sent to the BCGEU Fraser Valley Area Office, Attention: Ann Soucie, Admin Support at [email protected] or by fax at 604 882-5032.

Please note that current stewards will need to be renominated.
In addition, if any member has filled out the "Expression of Interest" form (interest in being a steward or nominating someone for steward) that was circulated on September 15, 2021, please refer to the attached package for the nomination process.
If you have any questions please contact your Steward or Local Chair through the Fraser Valley Area Office at 604-882-0111 or toll free at 1- 800 - 667- 1103.

Download PDF of notice here
Download Nomination Form here
Download Steward Election Poster here
Download Notice of Elections: Stewards document here