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Local 1201 Treasurer Election Results - BCGEU

Date: August 3, 2018

To: All Local 1201 BCGEU Members

Re: Results from Local 1201 Treasurer Election


We are please to announce the Treasurer position has been filled on your Local 1201 Executive. 


Your full Executive is listed below:


Chairperson                      Maria Middlemiss

1st Vice Chairperson        Russell Katzer

2nd Vice Chairperson       Sheila Knight

Treasurer                         Pamela Brown

Recorder                          Lori Isaac 

Member at Large             Jessica Sharpe

Member at Large             Dave Amoss

Member at Large             Katia Gauvin

Member at Large             Suzy Labelle

Member at Large             Liam Smith

Member at Large             Abebe Tilahun

Member at Large             Terrence McKenny


Congratulations to Pamela Brown!


In solidarity

Maria Middlemiss, Local 1201 Chairperson

Cathy McCallum, Staff Representative

Download 1201 FYI Local Election Results Aug 2018.pdf