Local 1204 Election Results - BCGEU

Please be advised of the following results of the Local 1204 executive elections:

• Chair                              Sue Frith
• 1st vice chair                 Danielle Pohl
• 2nd vice chair                Ron Anganu
• Treasurer                       vacant
• Recording secretary      Reshra Chandra 
• Member-at-large          Corry Amankwa
                                         Leona Birchard
                                         Ayesha Crasto
                                         Eloise Fix
                                         Anita McClelland
                                         Ravinder Thandi
                                         Pamela Willingshofer
• Young worker              vacant

Members may appeal the election results to their component vice president within 10 days of the date results are published. If the election under appeal is in the component vice president's local, the appeal should be made to the president who may designate an investigator. Within 10 days of receiving the vice president's decision, members may appeal to the provincial executive.

Congratulations to all who participated in the election process!

In solidarity

Richard Tones
Staff Representative

Download L1204 2018 elections results fyi.pdf