Local 1209 Executive & Steward Results - BCGEU

Further to the recent elections for both Stewards and your Local 1209 Executive, the results are as follows:


 Sandra Bojechko    Pamela Larose
 Nicole Bowen  Shauna Lee
 Karilynn Carr  Teresa Mah
 Kathleen Comstock  Kendall McPherson
 Debbie Jones  Taffe Potlicki
 Marvin Jones   Gwen Teichroeb 

If you have any questions about the Collective Agreement or need a Steward for any reason, please contact one of the above, or call the Area Office for contact information.

Local 1209 Executive

 Chairperson:  Sandra Bojechko
 1st Vice Chair:  vacant
 2nd Vice Chair:  Kendall McPherson
 Treasurer:  vacant
 Recording Secretary:  Shauna Lee
 Member-at- Large x 7:  Teresa Croswell
 Youth Worker (under 30 yrs):  vacant


The vacant positions will remain open until filled. If you are interested in a vacant position, please contact the Area Office for a nomination form, by phone: 250-365-9979 or by email: area09@bcgeu.ca .

In solidarity

Mike Fenton
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.