Local 1701, 1703 & 1704 Vancity Letters of Expectation - BCGEU

Your Union has recently observed Vancity issuing so-called "letters of expectation" to members (employees) that are in fact disciplinary.
In the event that you may not be aware of the term "letters of expectation", here are a number of key features of such a letter:

  • The tone of a letter of expectation should be positive and constructive.
  • A letter of expectation should not include a finding of fault or wrongdoing.
  • Letters of expectation should avoid using 'you' and be more general and applicable to all employees.
  • Letters of expectation should not imply or threaten consequences or discipline.

BCGEU members are strongly encouraged to contact a local Steward any time Vancity issues a letter of expectation which does not match the criteria above. When any such letter is in fact disciplinary, it is important that the receiving member work with a Steward to file a grievance. This is the only way we can ensure that your Employer discontinues its practice of disciplining members via letters that are mischaracterized as non-disciplinary.
Again, please contact a local Steward for assistance any time Vancity issues a "letter of expectation".
In solidarity,
Megan McKinney
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here