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Local 1703 BCGEU Members at Grand Villa - Labour Management Meeting News - BCGEU

The Labour Management Committee meeting was held on May 8, 2019. It was attended by Craig Proctor, Alex Lee-Young, Larissa Karpa, Kevin Johnson and Doug Worden. 


If you have a problem in your department that you think could be resolved at this meeting – talk to one of your worker Reps about it. If you believe the Employer has violated the Collective Agreement, contact a steward to have a Step 1 grievance meeting. 


Here are some of the highlights from the meeting:


Article 15.11 Shift Pick Process: Table Games pick is going smoothly. Vacation selection now happens during the shift pick process. All other departments will pick in June. There is new availability language in Article 27.5 that will impact all casual employees and regular employees that choose only one or two shifts. 


Article 24.1 Uniforms: The Employer has not responded to the Union's request for a hot weather alternative uniform. They did respond that most uniforms are machine washable and the dry cleaning language only applies to Back of House Culinary. 


Appendix A Retro Pay: Retro pay was not paid on stat holidays earned during the 2018 retro period. The Union has filed a grievance on this matter. If successful, the remedy would be applied to all eligible members.


Cage Supervisors Doing Auditing: Cage Supervisors doing auditing is a non-union position. They can direct their concerns to Reyhanna, Cage Manager, not to the Union. 


Back of House Training Shifts: Training shifts will be highlighted on the schedule. 


In solidarity

Fateh Born, Staff Representative

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