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Local 1703 Members at Hard Rock Casino - Joint Labour Management and Other News - BCGEU

Culinary Tip Committee

There were no nominations submitted for the Culinary Tip Committee, therefore, Ewa Kordon and Kulwinder Khabra will continue to administer Culinary Tips. We thank them for their hard work on behalf of the members.


At a recent Joint Labour Management meeting, the issue of ATMs and safety was raised. Some workers have expressed safety concerns with the ATMs - especially the lobby ATMs. The Employer has created a protocol to address these concerns. If this does not address the issue then it can be referred to the Joint Occupational Safety Committee and/or WorkSafe. 

Article 19.3 Vacation Selection

Vacation selection will happen in November as per the language in the Collective Agreement. Please read article 19.3 to learn more about how vacation selection will be handled. 

Article 10.2 Job Code Seniority

The language of the agreement states that 'a job code is any job code an employee has worked in the casino in the previous 12 months'. In order to retain a job code, you must work at least one shift every 12-months. We understand there are plenty of opportunities to sub up for those that agree to this at shift pick. If you are concerned about losing a job code because you have not worked it, be sure to talk to your Manager before reaching the 12 month mark. 

Article 12.5 – Early Outs

The language of agreement states that when the Employer is forcing an early out it is 'based on start time and in reverse order of seniority'. Reverse order of seniority means that the most junior person will early out before the senior person – with a few additional conditions. If the junior employee has reached five hours of early out in the pay period then they cannot be required to early out. Also, they must get four hours of work before being required to early out. Please read all of Article 12.5 to learn about voluntary and forced early outs. 

In Solidarity,

Katherine Wiebe
Chair, Joint Labour Management Committee


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