Local 1703 Elections - BCGEU

To: All Local 1703 BCGEU Stewards at Vancity Savings Credit Union

Re: Local 1703 Elections

Just a heads up that there will be local 1703 elections coming up. Each member, who has an address on file with the BCGEU will be mailed a voting package.
Members, whose mailing addresses are not current or on file or are new hires (and not yet added as members), will not receive a voting package in the mail. If a member comes up to you and advises you that they do not have a voting package, and it is after March 8, 2018, you should ask them to call the Area Office at 604-215-1499 and ask for a package to be sent to them. If it is after March 15, 2018, they must come to the Area Office to pick up a package or cast their ballot in the ballot box provided. This is because we cannot guarantee that sending them a package will arrive in time.
If you know of new hires that will not have been sent a package (because they would not be on the membership list), you may contact us to pick up voting packages or direct them to do so themselves. Their membership cards must be completed and forwarded to the Union for input as soon as possible. Please let us know if there are any concerns regarding members getting access to a voting package.
In solidarity,
Megan McKinney
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.