Local 1703 Hard Rock Casino - Time To Vote For Your Stewards! - BCGEU

What: Steward Election (Stewards are Hard Rock workers just like you who act as union representatives on the job and whom management is legally responsible to recognize in the process of resolving issues in the workplace.)

Who: All members in the Table Games, Slots, Guest Services, Security, Count/Cage departments can and should vote!

When: The election for stewards will take place on Tuesday, October 2nd from 10 am – 6 pm and Wednesday, October 3rd from 4 pm – 12 am

Where: The "quiet room" adjacent to the breakroom. 

Why: To cast your vote for the candidates you think would do the best job defending your rights at work and enforcing your new collective agreement.

* All members are welcome and encouraged to observe the vote count which will take place at 12:01 am on Thursday, October 4th* 


These are the candidates who will appear on the ballot. You can learn more about each of them by visiting the union bulletin board where candidates are encouraged to post short biographies, statements and photos.

1. Brian Middleton – cage
2. Edeliza (Liza) Madriaga – slots
3. Kam Wing Cheong - table games
4. Katherine Wiebe - table games
5. Laura Dimal – slots
6. Liset Alvarez-Gonzales - table games
7. Lorea Pleshka - guest services
8. Mark Chun - table games
9. Nicole Shaw – slots
10. Soojin (Irene) Lee - table games
11. Theyne (Tina) Fairfax - table games
12. Zhong Hua (Ivan) Yao - table games

Congratulations to Parminder Bains, Culinary Department, and Barry Salway, Theatre Department, who by acclamation (meaning no one else accepted the nomination) are the new stewards of their departments. 

All new stewards will receive training and support from the union to ensure they are prepared to protect your rights on the job and ensure your new Collective Agreement is followed.

In Solidarity,

The Steward Election Committee: Germaine Bourasaw, Gordon Barkman, Mei McKenna, Mark Fletcher, Trisha Gant

Download PDF of notice here