Local 1703 Members at Starlight Casino - Delivered monetary package - BCGEU

We delivered a full monetary package to the employer last week and we're expecting a response next week. We have confirmed bargaining dates for August 21, 22, 24 and additional dates in the first week of September.

We've reached agreement on a large number of non-monetary proposals but were unable to agree on others and are at impasse on those. 

Now that the employer is looking over our monetary proposals, it's more important than ever that we show solidarity. The employer needs to know we are sticking together and will do what it takes to get the fair wages and benefits we deserve.

A reminder that while we are in bargaining, our current collective agreement is in full force and we need to keep holding the employer accountable by enforcing that agreement.

We'll keep you updated as talks progress.

In Solidarity,


Your BCGEU Gateway Starlight Bargaining Committee
Wei Chen, Bargaining Committee Member
Jason Jones, Bargaining Committee Member
Shirley McMillan, Bargaining Committee Member
Michael Vyner, Bargaining Committee Member
Kim Howse, Staff Representative


Download PDF of notice here