Local 1703 Members at Vancity Savings Credit Union - MOA's - BCGEU

The BCGEU and Vancity recently came to an agreement on two new memoranda. The first is a trial agreement that allows short-term vacancies (less than 90 days) to be filled by the Employer without conducting a formal interview, though still according to the selection criteria in the Collective Agreement. We heard loud and clear from members that they were concerned that short-term vacancies were not being filled quickly, and this MOA is meant to help address this concern. At the same time, we heard from members that they were concerned that vacancies would be filled in a manner that was not transparent or in line with the Collective Agreement. As such, we developed an MOA that requires the Employer to continue to use the Agreement criteria, and on a trial basis so we can assess if the MOA will work in the long-term. 

The other MOA is specific to the MSC/Visa departments as it deals with the Flexible Work Schedules that are offered in that department, and ensuring that members who choose a flexible work schedule have access to the same net benefits and paid breaks as their standard work schedule counterparts


Download PDF document of Flexible Work Schedule here
Download PDF document of MOA - Short-term Work Assignments here