Local 1710 Your New Local Executive - BCGEU

Nominations closed on Monday, February 5, 2018 for the Local 1710 Executive.

Please join us in congratulating the following members in their position for this three year term of office!

Local 1710 Chairperson                 Kurt Langdon

Local 1710 1st Vice Chair              Darrel Chorney

Local 1710 Recording Secretary     Selena Yates

Local 1710 Member-at-Large         Yana Pliassova-Bakounina

Local 1710 Member-at-Large         Rajan Otten

Local 1710 Member-at-Large         Naomi Gallant

There was more than one nomination for Local 1710 Young Worker, so the results of those positions will be decided through the balloting process. Please watch for details of the upcoming voting which will be coming to you shortly. 

In Solidarity, 

BCGEU Peace River Area Office 

Download Elections Local 1710 FA-572 results feb 8 2018.pdf