Local 2009 Executive & Steward Results - BCGEU

Further to the recent elections for both Stewards and your Local 2009 Executive, the results are as follows:


WaterBridge Ferries Inc.
Jamie Coates
Jessie Cole
Karl Detta
Kathy Ferguson
Dale Gagne
Mark Maaskant
Brian Mackie
Kurt Walker

Western Pacific Marine
Dustin Jones

Forest Lands & Natural Resource Operations
Stephen Hafer
James Ritco
Colleen Ross

If you have any questions about the Collective Agreement or need a Steward for any reason, please contact one of the above, or call the Area Office for contact information.

Local 2009 Executive

Chairperson: Norm Koerber
1st Vice Chair: Dan McBee
2nd Vice Chair: Vacant
Treasurer: Vacant
Recording Secretary: Vacant
Member-at- Large x 6: Adam Marsel, James Ritco, Jason Ward + 3 Vacant 

The vacant positions will remain open until filled. If you are interested in a vacant position, please contact the Area Office for a nomination form, by phone: 250-365-9979 or by email: area09@bcgeu.ca .

In solidarity

Mike Fenton
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here