Local 303 Members at Shannon Day Care Society - Ratification of the Collective Agreement - BCGEU

The Union is pleased to announce that the members who voted at the ratification meeting June 18, 2018 have ratified the collective agreement with 100% voting in favour.

Once the collective agreement is updated and finalized, the Union will provide copies to members and will post it on the BCGEU website.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bargaining Committee Member Yuki Cai and Alternate Kristen Uno for all of their input and participation during the bargaining process.

On behalf of the Bargaining Committee, we would like to thank the members for their participation and support through this process.

In solidarity


Yuki Cai, Bargaining Committee Member
Kristen Uno, Bargaining Committee Member (Alternate)
Oliver Rohlfs, Staff Representative


Download PDF of notice here