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Local 304 Members at Xyolhemeylh - Revised Deadline for Ratification Ballots - BCGEU

The new deadline to submit ballots for voting on the tentative agreement is 5pm Wednesday, February 13, 2019. Extra ballots will be delivered to Langley by noon today – please see Charlie or Marla to get one. 

An e-copy of the tentative settlement is posted on the Xyolhemeylh intranet. 

Please see below for the names of those that will be collecting the ballots.


Collecting Ballots


Sandra Postnikoff, Jen White, James Yard


Scott Penner


Kurtis Pearson


Charlie Elchuk, Marla States


Colleen Dalrymple, Joelle Reynolds


Cara Hillman


Your Bargaining Committee is recommending that you vote YES to the tentative settlement. Lots of information has been discussed at the information meetings over the last couple of days to explain the reasons behind that recommendation.

If you have more questions please be sure to contact a Bargaining Committee or Organizing Committee member who can get you the answers.

In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee and Organizing Committee:
Sandra Postnikoff, Jennifer White, James Yard, Colleen Dalrymple, Terri Simpson, Joelle Reynolds, Kurtis Pearson, Brent Camilleri, Stephanie Ryan


Download PDF of notice here