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Local 307 Executive Results - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

The call for nominations closed on April 20, 2023 at noon. The following new members are acclaimed: 



Member-at-Large (Youth Worker)
Member-at-Large (Equity Worker)

Dayna Bossert
Tahea Mack

Your local 307 executive is as follows: 

Local chairperson: Wynn Hartfelder
First vice-chair: Kindie Wolf
Member at large: Megan Rysz
Second vice-chair: John Laverdure
Member at large: Thomas Semchuk
Member at large:  Emily Nield
Member at large (Equity Worker): Tahea Mack
Member at large (Young Worker): Dayna Bossert
Treasurer: Gayle Hull
Recording Secretary: Denise McDonald

If you require contact information for any of the above, please visit the website or contact the BCGEU Okanagan Area Office at 1-800-667-1132.

In solidarity, 

Wynn Hartfelder, Local Chairperson 
Darla Holmwood, Staff Representative 

Download PDF of notice here

Download PDF of notice here