Local 402 Well-Being (CVSV) - Mediation for renewal of Collective Agreement - BCGEU

Members will know that, at the Union's request, the BC Labour Relations Board has assigned a mediator to assist the Parties in order to conclude a renewal of a collective agreement pursuant to Section 74 of the BC Labour Relations Code. The Parties and the mediator, David Schaub, met this week. Progress was made and the mediator has been asked to provide recommendations to the Union's membership and the Employer, which will deliver a new collective agreement pursuant to Section 74.5 of the code.

The Mediator will deliver his findings early next week and will detail his conclusions for the renewal of a collective agreement.

These recommendations will be released to the Union's membership, in detail, and will be voted on by BCGEU members in a ratification vote.

This ratification vote will be held the week of July 2, 2018. Specific details regarding date and time of the vote to be announced shortly after the Mediator's recommendations are released.

In solidarity,


BCGEU Bargaining Committee
Jo Walsh
Phil LeVesconte
Cherie Baekkelund
Dan Rowe, BCGEU Staff Representative 


Download PDF of notice here