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Local 403 Delegates to the 51st BCGEU Triennial Constitutional Convention - BCGEU

Thank you to all who attended the February 23, 2021, Local 403 Delegate nomination meeting and to those who submitted their delegate nomination forms. 
Please help us in congratulating the following Local 403 members who will be attending the BCGEU 51st Triennial Constitutional Convention as Delegates:

  • Kirsten Albrighton
  • Ian Blatchford
  • Jennifer Camara
  • Leilanie Frogoso
  • John Mogk
  • Andrea Johnson
  • Ann Joseph
  • Diane Philbrook
  • Tami Reid
  • Seyoum Tekle
  • Ken Wong
  • Ping Qiu

In addition, the following members will act as the Local 403 alternates:

  • Rob Petrie
  • Maryam Baghalha
  • Mary Ann Dela Rosa

The Delegates above will represent the Local 403 membership at the upcoming BCGEU 51st Triennial Constitutional Convention, which will take place from Wednesday, June 9, 2021 to Saturday, June 12, 2021. Your Delegates will participate in electing the BCGEU President, Treasurer, and the four Executive Vice-Presidents, as well as, determining what the mandate of YOUR union will be over the next three years.

In solidarity,

Local 403 Chair/VP – Mahen Ramdharry
Staff Representative – Jacqueline McGuire

Download PDF of notice here