Local 403 General and Executive Meeting - BCGEU

COMPONENT: 4 - Health Services

LOCAL: 403

DATE: Monday, November 6, 2017

TIME: 5:00 pm – Executive

6:30 pm – General

PLACE: BCGEU Lower Mainland Area Office – Musqueam Room

Suite 130 – 2920 Virtual Way, Vancouver

(Kitty-corner to Renfrew SkyTrain Station)




§ Salvation Army Strike update

§ Shop Steward Elections

§ Staffing shortages in your worksite? We want to hear from you

§ Discussions regarding " What is Culpable Absenteeism "

§ Discussions regarding NEW Quick Call Automated Calling System for Forensic Psychiatric Hospital and Emergency Health Services


PARKING INFORMATION: We have a large underground parkade you can access from Renfrew or Hebb. If you enter from Renfrew, you will be on Level P2. If you enter from Hebb, drive up the ramp to P2. If you require Disability Parking, there are now spaces on Level P3 right beside the elevator. Other than Disability Parking, DO NOT park on level P3 as access is restricted after 6:00 pm. Park in any stall that is not "Reserved". The Yellow Zone is the closest to our building.


At the parking meter, enter the following information:

- Enter your stall number;

- Enter the amount of time you need to park - as the Union is charged for your time, please do not book more time than you require;

- Select "Yes" when it asks if you have a coupon code;

- Enter the Coupon Code 5810. The BCGEU will be billed directly for your parking.

- Select "OK" to print the receipt and bring it with you to the meeting. Take the elevator to the ground "G" level to find the BCGEU office.


Please write your name, Local and the purpose of your visit on the back of your parking receipt and deposit it in the receipt box in the Members' Lounge.

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