Local 407 Executive - Results - BCGEU

Further to the call for nominations, please be advised a nomination has been received for the position of member-at-large. Your local executive is as follows:

Local Chairperson: Erica Sutherland

1st Vice Chair: Deborah Wagner

2nd Vice Chair: Florinda Magday

Treasurer: Denise Horwood

Recording Secretary: Shane Stoddart

Member-at-Large: Erika Belsheim

Member-at-Large: Lance Valcourt

Member-at-Large: Kelly Vreeswijk

Member-at-Large (Young Worker): Vacant

In accordance to the Provincial Executive Policy Reference Manual, Constitution & Structure, PE Policy D-8, vacant positions will be considered to remain open. During the three year term, if a member in good standing submits a nomination for a vacant position, the local executive will be notified and nominations will remain open for a further three days.

Download PDF of notice here