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Local 502 Convention Delegate Nomination & Election Results - BCGEU

Before the close of the convention delegate nominations at your general membership meeting held on March 3, 2020 your local received 3 nomination for BCGEU Convention Delegates. Your local is entitled to 2 convention delegates and your Local Chairperson, Jennifer Newman, will attend by right as per the BCGEU Constitution and Bylaws. 

Nominations were opened for the additional 1 convention delegate and 2 alternate delegates. The Nominations closed at the local's general meeting with 3 nominations for delegates to convention. The election was held at the local's general meeting. 

Lorri Britt was elected as the local's 2nd delegate to convention. 

Michael Wright and Ellen Conville were elected as the local's alternate delegates. If for any reason your local's convention delegates cannot attend then the alternate delegate will attend for your local.

In solidarity 

Doreen Smith 
Staff Representative

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